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Keep kids healthy and entertained after school
July 27, 2017 — Parks, Recreation and Open Spaces


Learn about Parks' after-school programs, Fit2Play and Fit2Lead. The programs runs Aug. 21 - June 8, 2018, Monday - Friday, at several park locations. The program runs throughout the school year as well as vacation breaks.

Fit2Play Health, Wellness and Obesity Prevention Program (ages 6-12)

Fit2Play is an after-school program that incorporates exercise, nutrition and health education into fun and engaging group activities, like obstacle courses and nutrition relay races.

Each day's session begins with Sports, Play and Active Recreation for Kids (SPARK) activities and homework help during the school year. Some locations provide a program exclusively designed for children and young adults with disabilities, ages 6-22.

The price ranges from $25 to $35 per week. Qualifying families may receive financial aid through a scholarship.

Fit2Lead Youth Enrichment and Sports (YES) Program (ages 12-14)

Fit2Lead is a free after-school program that provides your child with academic tutoring, sports and enrichment sessions. This program includes some Saturday family events.