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New digital license pet tag available Oct. 1
September 25, 2017 — Animal Services

Dog wearing new tag and showing pethub app

High Tech is going to the Dogs! Miami-Dade Animal Services introduces a new digital license tag that can help get your pet home faster and safer.

If someone finds your pet, they will be directed to your pet’s free profile via the unique QR code or web address printed on your tag.

There is an app for that! Just download the PetHub app and you can upload a photo of your dog along with your information. Data can be updated by you at any time.

  • You can limit the information viewed by someone scanning your dog’s ID QR code.
  • GPS notification capability and interactive map; if someone scans the ID – it pinpoints your pet’s location at the time it was found.
  • Enables you to list multiple emergency contacts, such as your pet sitters contact information.

License tags are required for all dogs over four months of age and must be renewed annually in conjunction with the rabies vaccination. The new ID tags use the same numbering system and are similar size/weight than the non-digital existing tags.

License Tag Fees:

  • $30 for sterilized dogs, or intact dogs 4 to 12 months
  • $55 for intact dogs (not sterilized)
  • $90 for 3 year license for sterilized
  • $165 3 year license for dogs not sterilized
  • $15 for low income for intact ( not sterilized)
  • $5 for low income sterilized

The new digital tags are Powered by Pethub and easy to activate.

Visit PetHub to complete your pet's Free profile