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Receive a 4% discount through Dec. 13 on your property tax bill
November 30, 2017 — Finance

Pay your property tax online
Pay your property tax online

Property owners can pay their bill online using the Miami-Dade County Tax Collector website.

Florida Statute 197.162 requires that the maximum 4 percent early payment discount period be extended 30 days from the mailing of the original tax notice.

The following discounts will be offered:

  • 4 percent if paid November 14 through December 13
  • 3 percent if paid December 14 through December 31
  • 2 percent in January
  • 1 percent in February
  • Gross tax if paid in March 2018, no discount applies

The last day to pay property taxes and assessments before becoming delinquent is March 31, with any unpaid taxes and assessments becoming delinquent on April 1.

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