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The first new Metrorail train is now in service
November 30, 2017 — Transportation

New Metrorail train

After undergoing rigorous safety testing, Miami-Dade Transportation and Public Works rolled out the first new Metrorail train on Nov. 30. The new 136-car Metrorail fleet, funded by the People’s Transportation Plan, will greatly improve the quality of service.

As new Metrorail cars are phased in, riders will begin to see improvements in frequency, a reduction in delays, and a much more comfortable ride featuring:

  • interior bicycle racks
  • Wi-Fi connectivity
  • digital signs that display the name of the next station
  • high-quality audio announcements of the next station
  • digital displays with media content (for advertisements, time and news display)
  • high-efficiency air conditioning and more

All 136 trains are on track to run by 2019.

The Department contracted the production of its new Metrorail fleet to Hitachi Rail Hitachi Rail USA, the American subsidiary of Hitachi Rail Italy. The Italian company makes the parts in the United States and abroad, then assembles the cars in a Medley plant. The 140,400-square-foot custom-designed Hitachi facility opened in March 2016 for the manufacturing and subassembly of the county’s new trains.

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