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Find a Pet-friendly Evacuation Center

There is one shelter in west Miami-Dade County where pets are allowed, along with their owners, if you are living in an evacuation zone.

No pre-registration is required. However, you must bring certain documentation along with pet supplies in order to be admitted.

  • Eligibility & Requirements

    You must bring:

    • Proof of residency within an evacuation zone, including a valid photo ID and a recent utility bill showing your current address.
    • Personal hygiene items, medications and bedding supplies for each family member, as well as a 3-day supply of nonperishable food and water for each family member and pet.
    • Current medical and vaccination records. Annual rabies vaccinations (for cats and dogs) and a visible Miami-Dade County dog license are required.

    You can bring up to four pets. Dogs and cats, as well as birds, ferrets, gerbils, guinea pigs, hamsters, mice, rats and certain breeds of rabbits under 10 pounds are accepted.

    All animals will be examined, but not vaccinated or offered medical treatment, by a licensed veterinarian to determine if the animal presents a safety risk. Those deemed a risk will not be allowed in the shelter.


  • While at the Shelter

    Pet owners must be prepared to care and maintain control over their pets at all time.

    In order to avoid injury to response personnel or the public, owners are required to:

    • Maintain their pets in a crate, on a leash or otherwise controlled
    • Muzzle aggressive or anxious pets

    Pet owners should also be aware of the following circumstances:

    • Should there be a need to monitor pets for contamination, owners must maintain control of the pet and follow the directions of the responders providing the emergency services.
    • Should there be a need to wash contaminants from pets, owners shall be expected to conduct the wash down under the direction of emergency responders.
    • Pets that become a threat to responders or the public will be placed under the control of an animal control officer.

Phone Number(s)

Locations and Hours

  • West Dade Pet-Friendly Evacuation Center

    E. Darwin Fuchs Pavilion, , FL
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Communications Department
Inson Kim, Director

Stephen P. Clark Center
111 NW 1st Street, 25th Floor Miami, FL 33128