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Report Illegal Dumping

Illegal dumping is a serious crime that can harm the environment and make neighborhoods look bad. Dumping things like tires, debris, old furniture and hazardous materials not only harms the environment and lowers property values, but results in millions of dollars spent on enforcement and cleanup costs.

If you witness an illegal dumping incident in progress, call 911. Never confront someone who is dumping. Instead, try to get the vehicle license number or at least a description of the vehicle used to commit the crime.

If an instance of illegal dumping has already happened, call 311.

You can also report neighborhood problems and code violations using 311Direct, a mobile application. 311Direct can be downloaded for free in the iTunes store for Apple users or in the Google Play store for Android users.

  • Citations & Fines

    Offenders are subject to fines of up to $1,000, vehicle seizure and arrest. Those found guilty may be sentenced to perform up to 300 hours of community service cleaning up illegal dumping sites.

  • Legal Dumping

    You have 3 easy options to dispose of your trash the right way:

    • Schedule a bulky waste pickup
    • Visit a Neighborhood Trash and Recycling Center
    • Go to a Home Chemical Collection Center

    Private contractors have access to several disposal facilities:

    • North Dade Landfill
    • South Dade Landfill
    • Resources Recovery Facility
    • 3 regional transfer stations
  • Regulation & Compliance

    Illegal Dumping

    It is illegal to litter or dump trash or garbage at any location other than at a neighborhood trash and recycling center or other such permitted property. Construction sites must have facilities for disposing of litter so that it can be collected. The dumping of litter in Miami-Dade County is considered to be a public nuisance. Violators are subject to liens and must remove or remedy the prohibited condition.

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