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Find a beach

Our parks have beaches located in four parks:

  1. Crandon Park
  2. Matheson Hammock Park
  3. Haulover Park
  4. Homestead Bayfront Park
  • Beach accessibility

    We welcome people with disabilities to our beautiful sandy beach areas.

    Points of access
    There are five pathways from the beach road onto the beach at both Haulover Beach and Crandon Beach to provide access to people with disabilities. Showers and concession stands are also wheelchair accessible.

    Beach wheelchairs available
    For those who are mobility impaired, four beach wheelchairs are available at Haulover Beach and Crandon Beach. There is no charge to use the beach wheelchair, but you may be asked to leave something of value (your wheelchair, driver's license, photo I.D., keys etc.) to ensure that it will be returned.

    The beach wheelchair requires a friend or family member to push it. Our staff is not able to provide assistance with transferring you into the beach wheelchair nor pushing you around in it.

    From April to October, the beach wheelchairs are available from 9 a.m. -6 p.m. From November to March, they are available from 9 a.m.-4 p.m. Check with our staff to know what time you must return the chair.

    The beach wheelchair is on a first come, first served basis, which means that whoever arrives first gets the beach wheelchair. Calling in advance can help decrease your wait time for a beach wheelchair, but remember it is available to whoever arrives first, not to the first caller.

    For your safety, stay close to the shore. The beach wheelchair can go into water no more than six inches deep because the wheels can cause the beach wheelchair to float.

    Let us know how we can improve our access to people with disabilities.

Online Options

Phone Number(s)

  • Americans With Disabilities Act coordinator
  • Call the park location for more information.
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