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Home Beautification

You can get help with exterior painting and landscaping.

The upgrades will be done for free if you live in a single family home.

The loan will be forgiven if living in your home for 5 years.

  • Eligibility

    To qualify for the program, you must meet the following eligibility requirements:

    • You must live in County commission district 1, 2 or 13.
    • To find out which commission district your home is in use the Community Services map application.
    • You must be the homeowner and occupant of a single family home (apartments, condos, and duplexes are not eligible).
    • You must not own other investment properties.
    • Current property taxes must have been paid and no prior assessment due.

    The forgivable loan is only repayable if you sell your home within 5 years of having it painted and/or landscaped.

    You must also meet income guidelines found on the application.

  • How the program works


    • You may receive up to $5,900
    • Forgivable loan
    • Mortgage loan
    • Upgrades done for free


  • How to apply

    Download the application and deliver or mail it to our office. You must select a licensed contractor identified by the County.

    • A copy of the last completed tax return, and W-2, if employed.
    • One full month of pay check stubs for all employed individuals living in the household, if employed.
    • If not employed and you receive retirement's pension or social security benefits then submit a copy of the award letters.
    • Picture ID of all household members.
    • Copy of social security cards for all household members and birth certificates.
    • Most recent mortgage statement.
    • Electric bill and water bill.
    • Copy of warranty deed.

Phone Number(s)

Locations and Hours

  • Overtown Transit Village North

    701 NW 1st Court, Miami, FL 33136
    11th Floor
    NaN: p.m. - NaN: p.m.
    NaN: p.m. - NaN: p.m.
    NaN: p.m. - NaN: p.m.
    NaN: p.m. - NaN: p.m.
    NaN: p.m. - NaN: p.m.

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