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311 Contact Center

The 311 Contact Center provides a fast, simple and convenient way for you to get information on local government services.

Ways to Contact Us

Call Us

By dialing 311 or 305-468-5900 you can get get one-on-one personal customer service in English, Spanish or Creole. You can call Monday through Friday from 7 a.m. - 7 p.m. and Saturday 8 a.m. - 5 p.m. Closed on Sunday & holidays.

Report Problems Online

You can report neighborhood problems and code violations to the 311 Contact Center Online. Attach a photo of the problem, submit relevant details, and choose to either remain anonymous or provide your contact info for follow-up.

Tweet @miamidade311

Join the conversation on Twitter. Want help from a live 311 specialist? Tweet your issue to our team of problem solvers. We know how to find the answers!

Download Mobile App.

311Direct is a mobile application which enables the residents of Miami-Dade County to report neighborhood problems and code violations to the 311 Contact Center on-the-go! The app. is available for download for both Apple and Droid devices.

Email Us

We are available to answer your questions or take reports for you via email. Just provide us with the information and we will take it from there. We will give you the Service Request number or provide you the answers to your questions.

311 Service Centers

Our specialists are available for walk-in services at 311 Service Centers located in north, south and west Miami-Dade.

Most Requested Services

Learn more about the most requested services from our 311 Contact Center.

Bulky Waste Pickup

Miami-Dade County residential waste collection households are entitled to two bulky waste pickups each calendar year of up to 25 cubic yards each.

Report a Mosquito Problem

You can request Mosquito Control to inspect a property to see if mosquito breeding is taking place.

Garbage Complaint

If your garbage is not picked up on your collection day, report the missed pickup. Don't stack items on top of or alongside your waste cart. They can't and won't be collected.

Report Illegal Dumping

Report debris like tires, old furniture and hazardous materials that have been dumped. If you witness illegal dumping in progress, call 911.

Green Waste Cart Request

The standard waste cart can be exchanged for a smaller 35-gallon or 65-gallon cart. If your cart is stolen, call the police department to get a case number. You can order an extra waste cart for $79.50.

Stray Dog

Stray dogs can be reported to Animal Services (stray cat reports not accepted). The department will attempt to pick up the stray dog within 24 hours. If the dog is on any expressway, please call FHP at *347.

Blue Recycling Cart Request

The standard recycling cart can be exchanged for a smaller 35-gallon or larger 95-gallon cart. If your cart is stolen, call the police department to get a case number. You may request one extra cart for free.

Dead Animal Pickup

When a dead animal is on the public right of way, Animal Services will pick it up. Owners are responsible to remove dead animals from private property.

Pet Account Update

Each pet has an account assigned to them when they receive their rabies vaccination and license for the first time. If your pet is lost, passed away, moved or given away, you should update your account to prevent getting a citation.


Call Specialists can initiate service requests for different types of services provided by the County or the City of Miami.

  • The fastest way to report neighborhood problems and code violations is by using your smart phone and the 311Direct mobile app.
  • Or, just send us a tweet!
  • Other ways to reach 311 by phone

    311 can be reached by dialing 305-468-5900. You may not be able to dial 311 directly if you:
    • Live outside Miami-Dade County.
    • Some cable companies such as uVerse and Comcast have not activated direct dialing to 311.
    • Some mobile phone carriers do not recognize 311.
  • What kind of information does 311 provide?

    Anything you want to know about local government services:
    • Who is my Commissioner?
    • Where is the closest bus stop near my house?
    • What events are happening this weekend at County parks?
    • Where can I get a Transit Easy Card?
    • Where is the nearest Trash and Recycling Center and when is it open?
    • When is the next election?
    • How do I get Homestead Exemption?
  • What type of services can the public get through 311?

    Examples of Service Requests include:

    • Order a replacement recycling cart.
    • Ask for a pothole to be repaired.
    • Trip planning services for Miami-Dade Transit.
    • Report a neighborhood code violation like overgrown lots or junk and trash piles.
    • Report an issue with a traffic sign or traffic signal.

About Us

The 311 Contact Center provides a fast, simple and convenient way for you to get information about non-emergency government services and information in three languages. In addition to call taking, customers of the Contact Center can also initiate service requests via a mobile application, by email or online. The center also accepts property tax payments and manages customer feedback.

The 311 Service Centers are strategically located across Miami-Dade County: the South Dade Justice Center, North Dade Justice Center and Permitting and Inspection Center in west Miami-Dade. The Service Centers are face-to-face service providers of dog licenses, transit passes, baby stroller permits and other County products. The public can also open a service requests with a customer service specialist at any one of the three locations.