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Public Records

Clerk of the Court Records

Records available online include deeds, divorces and mortgages. Also records from the criminal justice system and the civil, family and probate courts.

Corrections & Rehabilitation Records

Use the online form to request records about former inmates.

Environmental Records

Records include inspection reports, enforcement actions, contamination records, permits, environmental monitoring, contract and project records.

Fire Rescue Records

Records include incident reports, fire investigation reports, department personnel files, department policies, procedures and memos, and data reports.

Medical Examiner Records

Requests for statistical data with research related to medical examiner cases. On-site research can be conducted in one of the facility's research rooms.

Police Records

Check public records, including police reports, crash reports, body-worn camera recordings, 911 calls, and others.

Property Appraiser Records

Use the online form to request records like Notice of Proposed Property Taxes, property photos, building sketches or property cards.

Transportation and Public Works Records

Public Record requests should be submitted in writing and mailed or emailed to our office to streamline processing, ensure accuracy and track progress.

Zoning Records

Use the Zoning Hearing Records Search for past and currently active hearing applications. You can also search online for zoning hearing appeals case logs.

Other Public Record Requests

Many public records are available for viewing and downloading on our website. Other records are not as readily available and will have to be located and reviewed for exempt or confidential information, and redacted if necessary.
  • Online Submission

    Please consider using our online form to help facilitate your request. If you use our online form, you must provide a valid email address or you will not receive a response. To facilitate processing your request, please provide a very detailed description.

    After you submit the completed form you will receive a confirmation email with a unique tracking number. To follow up on your request you can call 305-499-8729.
  • Fees

    Fees for copies of public records are established by the Public Records Act.
    • Single-sided pages - 15 cents each.
    • Double-sided pages - 20 cents each.
    • Certified Copies - $1 per page.
    • Copies of pre-printed reports and other materials will be charged at the per copy cost billed to the department.

    Requests requiring research or processing time of more than 20 minutes will also have a service charge based on the cost of labor of the staff providing the service.

  • Confidentiality

    Under Florida Public Records law, you do not have to give your name or explain why you are making a request. You are not required to submit a request for public records in writing. If you do not choose to use our online form, you may call 305-499-8729 with your request.
  • Timeframe

    The time to fulfill a public records request will vary depending upon the particular record or records requested and the volume of the request. We are committed to fulfilling your request as quickly and efficiently as is reasonably possible.