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Welcome to our 2017 United Way Campaign

United Way strives to better the community by encouraging children to dream big and reach their potential in and out of school, empowering families and individuals to become financially stable and economically independent and improving people’s health.

By supporting the United Way, you are furthering the mission of our organization to build the community by helping people care for one another. We are here for our neighbors and each other -- bus drivers, fire fighters, sanitation workers, police, librarians, parks and recreation personnel -- always ready to provide a helping hand.

What we do

Changing lives is at the heart of what we do. With your help, together we can fight to build a stronger Miami by strengtheningn the education, financial stability and health of our co-workers, friends and neighbors.
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The foundation of it all, a good education leads to a better job with better pay.
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Helping individuals and families pave a path to financial independence.
Financial Stability
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Good health allows children to learn better, adults to increase their income and older adults to remain independent.

Get Involved

Take the Pledge

By investing in programs that improve the overall education, financial stability and health of Miami-Dade, your generosity creates major changes — right in your own backyard.

Attend an Event

Miami-Dade County creates awareness, funds and promotes involvement for employees through donations, events, charity fundraising and more. Have fun, be inspired and connect with others.

Share your Story

We would like to honor employees who show dedication and passion for the United Way cause. Share what United Way means to you, or submit a colleague who demonstrates they live united.

Success Stories

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With no relatives in Florida, United Way Programs act as extended family for Nicole and her children.
Meet Nicole and her children
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At 102 years of age, still dancing, making friends and having a great time.
Meet Juana
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Sharron doesn't mentor young people like Dillon to escape distressed neighborhoods. She teaches them to come back and help.
Meet Sharron and Dillon

News & Events

Get a little extra cash before the Holidays

November 17, 2017 — Mayor's Office

Participate in the Internal Services Department raffle for a chance to win half the money.

Get leadership experience with United Way

August 25, 2017 — Mayor's Office

Gain expertise in public speaking, time management, problem-solving and more.

United Way

We fight for a stronger Miami. We fight for you.

By fighting to build a stronger Miami, we’re keeping our most vulnerable families from being swept into a recurring cycle of poverty. Here are just a few of the programs and services that bring lasting change to our neighbors in need:

United Way Center for Excellence in Early Education: An internationally recognized demonstration school dedicated to elevating the quality of early care and education in Miami and beyond.

United Way Center for Financial Stability: Two one-stop centers that provide working individuals and families with a full range of services and support—from financial coaching to free tax preparation and benefits enrollment to employment assistance and credit counseling.

FamilyWize: A national prescription drug discount program for our community that can save enrollees an average of $23 per prescription.

Mission United: United Way’s newest initiative helps empower veterans and their families by connecting them to essential services and employment opportunities.